We at Alpes discovered and developed our own algorithms in the area Of Neural Network/A.I. The Separation algorithm & it's applications on Neural Network and Deep Learning, is a game changing Algorithm.

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Our Engineers are specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence software. We develop either tailor made Artificial Intelligence software or general purpose software programs.

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Our Work

Our concentration is in the use of A.I and neural network techniques for the solution of engineering problems and also the problems in the real world. Development of intelligent data analysis and decision making systems.

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ALPES possesses expertise in failure,design and stress analysis, vibrations, rotor dynamics and fluid mechanics. We can analyse mechanical systems with the help of relevant computational techniques and software tools.

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Our mission and vision

We at Alpes are striving hard, to Apply our research for real-world impact in health, science, energy and many more domains. Alpes is one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact.

Our motivation in all we do is to maximise the positive and transformative impact of AI. We believe that AI should ultimately belong to the world, in order to benefit the many and not the few, and we’ll continue to research, publish and implement our work to that end.

Our Algorithm

Separation algorithm & Its applications on neural network and deep learning:
The research work on Neural Networks, stems from our discovery of an algorithm that can separate N points in d-dimensional space by hyper-planes, in such a manner that all points are separated from one another by hyperplanes. This algorithm leads to a very important breakthrow in neural network research. Because it enables one to train a neural network and arrive at the configuration of the neural network and determine all the weights of the processing elements in a non-iterative manner

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